*NOTE*  While we have moved back to our regular hours and full staffing, we do not have the room in our clinic to physically distance from our clients during exams and procedures as per the government guidelines; therefore we are continuing with drop-off only appointments at this time.  Our type of work is such that we can not physically distance from each other, and therefore to maintain the safety of our staff and our clients, and to ensure we are available to our community, this is a precaution we must take.  A sudden influx of COVID cases in our area may facilitate a move back to shortened hours and split staff.  If this becomes the case, it will be updated here and on our Facebook page. 


The door is now unlocked, but PLEASE make every effort to maintain social distancing and respect the maximum number of clients in the clinic at one time.  The reception area is available for drop-off and pick-up of patients, as well as payment and food/medication sales.  Appointments will still be conducted by the veterinarian with the pet without the owner present in the clinic.  The veterinarian or registered technician will communicate with the clients via telephone.  Please ensure you are available to answer your phone at all times while your pet is left in our care.  All dogs are to come in on a leash, and all cats are to be presented in a carrier.  If you do not have a carrier, we have some that may be lent out short term.  


Please note there has not been a change in the provision of After-Hours Emergency Services.

We have requested many changes to the ways we do business during regular working hours (requesting texts and emails), however when we are closed, the clinic cell phone is NOT monitored. The after hours number is forwarded to the Dr. on-call; but only phone calls are forwarded; texts and pictures do NOT get forwarded and are not seen until the next business day.

It is important to know that if you have an After Hours Emergency, you still need to CALL to reach the Doctor.

Payment options are e-transfer, credit card over the phone, or use of the debit machine at the clinic (for in-clinic payments – not for deliveries which must be pre-paid). Thank you again for helping us continue to serve our community as safely as we can through these changes.


Effective August 4, 2020

Delivery services are a permanent part of our practice.  There is still NO charge to delivery services to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

***Please REFRAIN from calling the main line, we need to keep the lines available for emergency calls and appointment modifications.***

CLIENTS: Please TEXT (780) 573-0927 or EMAIL [email protected] the following information:

✅ First & Last Name on account
✅ Pet’s Name
✅ Type of Food and Size Requested OR Name of Prescription and current dosage being given
✅ Phone number you can be reached at
✅ Address (for in-town delivery with unique features of house (ie: colour of door) (Note: Out of town delivery also available to predetermined meeting point locations)
✅ Desired method of payment (credit card over the phone or e-transfer)

One of our staff will be in touch with you to obtain payment and also ask any necessary clarifying questions.  For our rural clients, there may be options for mutual meeting points.  Our delivery person will be in touch with you prior to delivery to discuss your options.

Deliveries will be Monday, Wednesday & Friday weekly.  Delivery cut off is 2 pm the day of delivery.  Anything received after that time will be moved to the next delivery date. Deliveries will be dropped off between 3 and 5 pm.

Please help us remain available to you (as an Essential Service) and keep everyone safe. Reduced traffic and phone calls to the main lines will help our split-staff teams continue to serve the community in the days ahead.  I also encourage you to follow our Facebook Page, as it’s the quickest way to get information out as it changes; which in these unprecedented times, seems to be quite frequent.

Thank you! Your Centre Animal Hospital Team