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We live in an age of almost instantaneous information. 24-hour news stations, talk radio, and the Internet have revolutionized the way we think and educate ourselves. It is easier than ever to research a topic and make decisions about almost any subject, even the medical care of our families and our pets. But how do we decide what is the best advice on caring for our four legged family members?怀

For most pet owners their veterinarian is their primary source for advice. In fact, veterinarians consistently rank in the Top 5 of America's most trusted professions. Despite these warm feelings of trust, the urge and desire to save money on our pet's care is a big factor in who pet owners will turn to for advice. One example would be the increase in chat rooms, blogs, and other media sources that highlight pet "experts" other than veterinarians. Anyone can post information on the Web. There is no requirement that the person actually be an expert. And while much valuable information can be found, there is also much that is inaccurate or just plain incorrect or dangerous.怀

When it comes to understanding how all aspects of a pet's environment, genetics, physical health, and even mental and emotional health are related, your family veterinarian, with his or her years of intensive post-graduate training in medicine and surgery, is still the best choice to provide you with the answers you need. Veterinarians have either a D.V.M. or a V.M.D. degree. This Doctor of Veterinary Medicine designation is your assurance of proper training and the completion of a university accredited curriculum. Check out the "about us" tab on our home page to find out which veterinary schools our doctors have graduated from.

As technology advances the internet has become a major source of information for pet owners. The great thing about the internet is there is a tonne of information available at your fingertips. The bad thing about the internet is that not all information is good information. There are a handful of websites that in our opinion have accurate reliable information, one such site is www.veterinarypartner.com . There are other links to reputable sites that can be found throughout our website.

Finding the "best" pet food is a common use for the internet. Did you know if you google "dog food" you get 534 million hits! Iā€™m sure we can agree that not all these sites have accurate information, but some do. If you google "dog food reviews" you get a much more manageable list of only 231 million hits to sort through. I find it quite humorous actually that site after site compares one food to the next based on ingredient lists. If you were told someone had a car for sale that had a motor, a transmission, 4 tires, a windshield, and mirrors would you know if you were buying a Lexus or a Suzuki?

The best way to find out if the information you have gathered from the internet is accurate is to ask your veterinarian. A large benefit of the internet is as a pet owner you can do some research at home and be able to know what questions to ask during your visit with your veterinarian. Never be shy to ask your veterinarian about what you have heard or learned from any number of different sources. Open lines of communication with your veterinarian are important to ensure that your pet is receiving the best care possible.



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