Medical Treatment

Providing our clientele with the best medicine available, we also provide the following services within our clinic:

  1. Fluid Therapy: Delivered using new fluid pumps, fluids are used during some surgeries and for shock treatment.
  2. Full Pharmacy: Well stocked for in-clinic treatment and to fill prescriptions for in-home medical treatment for our patients.
  3. Isolation: Is fully equipped and is located separately from the rest of the small animal facility.
  4. Hospitalization: Our kennel room is equipped with a number of large and small kennels for all dog and cat sizes. A separate bank of kennels in our treatment room allows for critical patients to be monitored closely.
  5. Cosmetic Grooming: generally referring to de-matting of cats and dogs, under general anesthetic or sedation we are able to remove skin irritating mats. We also offer ear plucking and nail trimming.